HACCP - a quality certificate of highest grade

What does HACCP mean?

Hazard   =  hazards/dangers for health
Analysis  =  analysis of those dangers
Critical     =  to be critic in order to detect/control those dangers
Control   =  control of the production conditions
Point      =  possible sources of danger during the production process

HACCP is a system of control and command, which is used in order to guarantee absolute food security. Accordingly, GUELTIG CORK has been HACCP certified. Its products are manufactured according to the highest hygiene standards and are permanently controlled.

Why is the HACCP certificate important for our customers?

First of all it is a protection for the consumer, whose health is efficiently protected against any polluted food - an important sales argument! All theoretically possible pollutions during the production process - bacteria as well as chemical and physical pollutions - are completely excluded by a control system.
Although cork is not food, it is a required article (for packaging) and supermarket chains and many other traders require from their suppliers to prove that they produce according to HACCP standards. If a supplier is not certified, he will not be listed.
What does HACCP mean for GUELTIG customers?

GUELTIG CORK has developped a self-control system, which fulfills the extremely stringent HACCP requirements. All employees are trained according to the regulations and have to participate regularly in training courses. GUELTIG CORK does not only consider the HACCP certificate as an investment for the future, but also as a service offered to its customers.